Reasons why Twitter Favoriting is Still Trendy

News 09:05 May 2024:

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When twitter was still young, users would favorite tweets with no clear objectives since their use was still unclear. People were used to liking on Facebook and so, with a new feature on twitter, they tended to use it for the same purposes as like. However, the use of the feature has become more defined over time as people learned the nooks and crannies of the platforms.

Basically, most people favorite tweets as a way of bookmarking them intending to embark on them later when they’ve got plenty of time to read them. The other major reason is to acknowledge that one has seen the tweets but won’t reply to them at that particular time.

But there is more to it that just that. Here some other reasons why users favorite tweets that you may not be aware of.


Can’t reply now fave

Apart from informing the person who posted the tweet that they have seen it, the favorite may also be used to say that, ‘yes l have seen your tweets but won’t be able to reply now.’ Favoriting a tweet prevents the tweet from being buried in the stream and therefore giving one a chance to review them later.


Friendly fave

People sometimes favorite their friends tweets irrespective of the content as way of showing them that they have seen their tweets.

This is where creating strong bonds with those who follow you becomes vita because the more close your followers are to you, the probable they are to favorite your tweets. And since favorites increases engagement rate, then it goes without saying that your account will get better visibility which is what we all want to achieve on the platform.

Crush fave

Some people would favorite a tweet when they have a twitter crush. This sounds silly but such favorites do happen and they are actually quite popular. Instead of making a direct approach, faves present a safe way to make a first impression. It may look annoying but twitter is a social site, so making a statement using communication features such as the favorite is part of the deal. Despite the motives.


Favoriting for no reason at all

Not everyone is comfortable with writing tweets. After all, those creative and interesting tweets that you normally see takes the hand of a gifted writer to design. So, instead of fumbling with the idea on what actually to post, people prefer favoriting those tweets that they find interesting. It’s interesting but many favorites are as a result of such motives.

This is also common with newbies who are still familiazing themselves with twitter and so they may favorite tweets without a solid reason.

A favorite is a favorite but for a keen marketer out there, knowing some of the motives that those who favorite your tweets or a brands’ tweet that you represent is key when driving twitter marketing campaign. You’ll need to know how you can harness all these motives into a loyal following with common interest so that it gets easier for you to convince them to buy your products.

Automatic Favorite simple reasons to invest in it


The rate at which the social media platform is becoming popular is quite impressive.  It is a clear indication that there are good things to come.   There are numerous reasons why there continue to be marked increase in its use thereby allowing its users to source for automatic favorite.  Favorite allows other followers to identify with you easily and incase they want to do business with you; you are sure of having made a mark.  The social media platform is about numbers, the more the better and the easier it becomes to identify with others on the platform and or potential customers to be.

The feature is clearly understood to have been borne out of users wanting to have a visibility on the platform.  There are definitely great benefits that come with it when used correctly.  There has over the years been issue with abuse of the automatic feature.  When subscribing to the same, it is proper to identify and discuss with your provider beforehand on the best way to use the same.  When that is not forthcoming, a few things tend to happen, your account can be suspended for further use or abuse which might no augur well for your already customers.

Technology has brought great strides on how things are done.  The long hours of having to sit put waiting for an important business call are over.  Everything is done at the touch of a button allowing people to spend fewer hours doing chores that took longer to handle a few years ago.  The fact that business owners and individuals are now able to increase their network to a large number of people not only locally but abroad has opened a different field in how business is done in the 21st century and beyond, this is something that is here to stay.  To be able to capture the same, the automatic favorite feature must be handy.

The greatest benefit that comes with the online platform use is that it allows you to share information with a large number of people at the same time, which you would not have ordinarily have done.  Once you have subscribed to the automatic favorite feature, it will automatically favorite your item without you as the user having to do it manually.   The manual way is good but takes time to achieve the required results.  The automatic way will allow you to gain the exposure you are looking for in a shorter period.

Finally, it important to note that the rate at which the social media platform is growing is an indication on its implication in the world.  The fact that a lot is taking place on the platform is worth a pat on the back.  When a business is visible through the automatic favorite, it is a clear indication on the rise in business.  People prefer doing business with those they can easily identify with.  The automatic favorite is therefore a feature worth investing in for those who want to make a mark and allow their voices to be heard online.